Amal Haddad
-Owner of the NutriCenter (المركز الوطني للتغذية ) for clinical nutrition counseling.
-Founder and president of the
Jordanian dietitians association JDA)2021.
-Pharmacist and Clinical Nutrition – University of Petra (UOP) 2002,2012.
-Master of Herbal Medicean and toxicity from “Nicholls State University 2018.
-Diploma in Food Drug Interaction from AUB University 2013.
-(MBA) Future University in Egypt (FUE) 2014.
-International certified trainer (TOT) – United States 2011.
-Member of the American Society of Nutrition (ASN) and Certified CPHQ certificate.
-Instructor in NutriPharma “NPH” courses international certified
-Researcher in NUTRICOSMATIC and Food- Drug interactions Science.
-Pharmaceutical research and Registration of pharmaceutical.
-Consultant to pharmaceutical and food companies.
-Many articles and “Arab food portion size”, QTQ golden roule books.
-Member and consultant of health associations And Member of MEdex Index UK Nutritionist’s.