Graduated from Faculty of Medicine Ankara University in 2000. Received general surgeon degree from Ankara Numune Training Hospital in 2005. After obligatory missions, attended certification programs of IEO, Milano and EAoS, Düsseldorf. In 2010 elected to become a member of European Academy of Senology. He gave lectures of breast oncoplastic surgery, quality management in breast units and ultrasound guided surgery. In 2011 he wrote the Project SENA, which initiated SENATURK – Turkish Academy of Senology. The project was based on four targets: certifying breast oncoplastic surgeons, certifying breast nurse navigators, training public for modern guidelines and establishing accredited breast units. Till the beginning, Project SENA certified more than 170 surgeons from Türkiye and surrounding countries, 25 breast nırse navigators, Türkiye’s first DKG accredited breast hospital Istanbul Oncology Hospital – BREAST UNIT was implemented. He has publications on ultrasound guided surgery, oncoplastic training, magnetic surgery (Nano-particulized iron oxide and magnetic seed). He is still serving at Istanbul Breast Center as breast center director, giving service as a course tutor about breast ultrasound guided interventions, cryoablation, oncoplastic breast surgery and quality management in breast units since 2012

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