Alper Toker received MD degree after completion of Marmara University, School of Medicine (1992 ).
He started the residency program at Istanbul University, Istanbul Medical Faculty, Department of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery (1992),
He worked 2 more years in the same department after completion of residency program (1997) until 1999. He did his military service at the Military Academy at Thoracic Surgery Dept, GATA (1999-2000)
He engaged in organization Department of General Thoracic Surgery at Istanbul University, Istanbul Medical Faculty, (2001-on ward ). He is the Professor of Thoracic Surgery and Director from 2009 on.
He observed in Germany, Austria and United States during his thoracic surgery education.
He is a council member of ESTS from 2009 on and the president of the ESTS on 2015, now, the past president.
His academic interests include lung cancer extended surgery, Videothoracoscopic surgery (lung cancer and myasthenia gravis), mediastinal surgery and robotic lung cancer operations.